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Security as a Forethought


An article I read today on HuffingtonPost.com, talked about security researcher, Jay Radcliffe’s, recent experimentation on his own insulin pump and blood-sugar monitor. He discussed his findings in his Black Hat conference briefing. Basically, he found that these devices, and presumably others, could be compromised by their wireless capabilities. It could be possible to cause a monitor to display incorrect readings, or a pump to distribute insulin inappropriately.

“Everybody’s pushing the technology to do more and more and more, and like any technology that’s pushed like that, security is an afterthought,” Radcliffe said.

And that’s the problem: Increasing technological capabilities, with Security as an afterthought.

We’ve been doing this technology thing for awhile now. We know there are risks. We know there are people who want to circumvent or break systems, for a variety of reasons. Anything with any kind of connectivity must have Security as part of the original design plans; not something you try to patch later.

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