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DNS Changer Virus – Fix it NOW!

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Back in March, I posted an important piece about the DNSChanger Malware, and the problems it was scheduled to cause if not fixed. In the end, the date was extended to this coming Monday (July 9, 2012). But on Monday, if you have the virus, and you haven’t fixed it, you’re going to discover that you effectively have no Internet.

One thing I’d like to make perfectly clear, because there’s been some confusion about it: If you have the malware on your machine, your loss of Internet is a function of that malware – it has nothing to do with your ISP blocking anything. Your DNS is what’s blocking it.

If you’d like to check on whether you have this nasty little buggy, click over to the DNSChanger Diagnostic page – it’ll tell you.

If you are affected, fix it, if you can, today. And if you can’t, call us – or whomever you use for your support services.

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