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Windows Sales have declined since the launch of Windows 8

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“People always fear change. People feared electricity when it was invented, didn’t they? People feared coal, they feared gas-powered engines… There will always be ignorance, and ignorance leads to fear. But with time, people will come to accept their silicon masters.” – Bill Gates

Well, Microsoft has recently changed, launching its newest version of its popular operating system, Windows 8, and people have not been receptive. In fact, window sales were down 21% after the first four weeks Windows 8 was on the market.

“Windows 8 has captured 58% of Windows computing device sales. Comparatively, Windows 7 had garnered 83% of such device sales in its first four weeks of release,” according to the NPD Group.

However, it is unclear as to whether the drop in sales is due to the release of Windows 8 or the fact that Microsoft increased the average price of its machines from $433 to $477 after the release of the new operating system. The only thing that is for certain is that Microsoft Windows sales are down. But Microsoft should have saw this coming, right? Public opinion of Windows 8 was not good when the product was demoed before its full scale launch. If you recall from one of our previous blog posts a few months ago, before the launch of Windows 8, most analysts were not very high on the new operating system.


According to ZDNet.com, even hard-core Windows 8 fans prefer Windows 7 by a two to one margin.

“We really don’t think Windows 8 will get significant traction as a PC OS in a corporate environment,” said Gartner analyst Steve Kleynhans. “Why? Because Windows 8 is a “plumbing” upgrade. This is an upgrade that drastically changes the technology without adding significant improvements.” “An SMB is unlikely to decide ‘Windows 7 is no longer good enough, I must have Windows 8!’,” said Analysys Mason analyst Patrick Rusby. “Windows 7 is proven and popular.”

Do you have Windows 8 or have you used it? What do you think about the new operating system? Do you love it, hate it, or are you indifferent? We want to hear from you!

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Windows Sales Down 21% Since Windows 8 Launch

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