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Is Big Brother watching? The Government requests Data about Google Users

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According to Google, government requests for data about Google users continue to grow each and every year. In just the last six months, Google has received 21,389 requests for information about 33,634 user accounts. The six months before that, Google received 20,938 data requests for information from about 34,615 user accounts.

However, despite the increasing number of requests, Google’s response rate has declined from 94% in 2010 to 88% in the previous reporting period. So does this mean that an increasing number of data requests lack sufficient legal basis?

“It’s difficult to draw meaningful conclusions about the numbers we’re reporting because they only show a tiny sliver of what’s happening on the Internet at large,” said a Google spokeswoman. “The vast majority of requests we receive are for legitimate reasons and follow proper legal procedures.”

Data Request Statistics

  1. 22% of requests came with a judge-issued warrant.
  2. 68% of requests were made using a subpoena.

“The alarming statistics in this latest Transparency Report serve as a reminder of the need for stronger national and regional privacy protections in relation to online communications,” said Carly Nyst, head of international advocacy at Privacy International.

How do you feel about the subject?

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