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Disaster Recovery Horror Story #1: Manhattan Investment Firm springs a Leak

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If you have ever visited our blog before, you have probably noticed that we put a huge emphasis on disaster preparedness and disaster recovery. Why? Well, because it is that important. Of companies that experience major data loss, 51% close within 2 years, while 43% never recover.

If you want to prevent your company from becoming another statistic, you need to have a disaster recovery plan in place.

Disaster Recovery Horror Story #1: Manhattan Investment Firm springs a Leak

About 10 years ago, one Manhattan-based investment firm decided it was time they toyed around with the notion of implementing a disaster preparedness & disaster recovery plan. This investment firm had recently had issues following 9/11 and the New York City blackout. They didn’t want to get caught off-guard again.

The investment firm had no disaster preparedness & disaster recovery plan in place. They did backup their data, but they stored these tapes onsite. They were content with this system. Why not? It had worked for them for years. And after weighing their disaster recovery options, the investment firm decided that they were okay with their current backup system.

Three months later, a water main burst in the street outside their building. Everything was ruined, including the backup tapes.

This company, like so many others, was unable to recover and was forced to close its doors for good…

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