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New Technology you need to see to believe: The Leap Motion Controller

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First there was the keyboard. Next came the mouse. Then touchscreen technology was the new, trendy thing. So what’s next? How about gesture control? The Leap Motion Controller, which will retail for $80, plugs into almost any newer laptop, allowing the user to manipulate the screen using a series of hand gestures and finger movements.

“It’s sort of like having a touchscreen computer, but without actually touching the screen.” – Jason Gilbert, The Huffington Post

Just take a look!

According to Wired’s Roberto Baldwin, the Leap Motion Controller works best as a secondary controller, used in conjunction with a trackpad or mouse. The gesture control device is scheduled to be available for purchase on May 19 (May 13th to those who pre-order).

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  1. Leap Motion, Gesture-Control Gadget For Your Laptop, Will Be Released This May For $80

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