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Disaster Recovery Horror Story #5: One Dead Server; One Unlucky Company

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Disaster Recovery Horror StoryRemember the old saying, “It is better to be safe than sorry?” I think they may have been talking about Disaster Recovery. How important is disaster recovery? Of companies that experience major data loss, 51% close within 2 years, while 43% never recover. So let me reiterate my previous statement; it is better to be safe than sorry! It is much better to sit down and take the time to put a disaster recovery plan together now than it is to freak out when disaster strikes.

Disaster Recovery Horror Story #5: One Dead Serve; One Unlucky Company

After a very peaceful weekend, one IT employee came to the office hoping for a nice easy Monday. Instead, they were immediately confronted with Internet and email issues. After trying to troubleshoot the issue for a bit, the IT technician wandered back to the server room and to their horror found the server quiet, with no lights on. The fan responsible for cooling the server died. As a result, the server overheated and burned out the CPU and motherboard. And with no backups, the company was out of luck.

Just to think, this whole dilemma could have been easily avoided with Disaster Recovery Services from Working Nets in Baltimore, Maryland. We were founded to provide small businesses, like yours, with expert information technology support they need to succeed. That is why Working Nets offers disaster recovery services to help assure that your vital business data is kept safe and secure if disaster strikes.

If you have any questions about Disaster Recovery, please contact Working Nets by calling (443) 992-7394 or visit WorkingNets.com today! You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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