Hackers Will Be Attacking Windows XP Users in the Next Year

Some people do not like change; they become so accustomed to a certain way of doing things. This is not only in regards to a daily routine, or a habit that needs breaking, but a certain type of software as well. Many Microsoft users still have Windows XP installed on their computers (whether it is a home or office computer), not because it is the best operating system, or even the easiest to use. But because people get comfortable with what is familiar. However this may pose an issue in the next year.

Apparently, hackers are storing information that exploits vulnerabilities in Windows XP and will unleash them when Microsoft stops  supporting the Windows XP operating system next year.

What Does This Mean for Windows XP Users?

If you are a Windows XP user worried about the safety of your computer and documents in the future you are now left with two options.

  1. Accept the change and upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8. Both of these operating systems come with a slew of new features and upgrades that you will probably love once you adapt to change.
  2. Pay Microsoft the high premium they are charging to have them continue to support Windows XP so you don’t have to adapt to a new operating system. However this won’t save you. No matter how many future vulnerabilities are discovered, Microsoft will no longer be updating Windows XP. The hackers know this and will begin taking over machines that run Windows XP en masse.
This is not a small problem. There are millions of people still running XP on business machines with critical information on them, or on home machines with all the credit card accounts listed in a file somewhere. These could all become compromised.

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