Is My Password Secure?

Have you ever asked yourself that? Either that or “How can I make my password secure?” Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. Security isn’t really a thing you can do, it is part of an overall plan you set up for your business.

The more convenient something is, the less secure it is, and vice versa.

What can we do?

One fairly simple thing you can do to help protect yourself, and your business, is to improve your password policies. Here are some suggestions for improve your passwords:

  • Use at least 8 characters
  • Use at least 3 of the 4 types of characters (Uppercase, Lowercase, Numeric and Symbol)
  • Change your password at least twice a year. More frequently would be better, but at least twice
  • Don’t keep your passwords where they could be found. Under the keyboard, in your desk drawer, or on your bulletin board all qualify as “where they could be found”
  • Use character substitutions to help make passwords more complex, yet easy to remember
    • becomes @
    • becomes $
    • becomes 1
    • becomes 0
    • becomes 3
    • WorkingNets becomes W0rk1ngN3t$
  • Consider some of the following when making a complex password, to help make it memorable:
    • Passphrases: OnceUponATime
    • Misspellings: SkubaDyver
    • Themes: MilesDavis, SonneyStitt, TheloniusMonk (old Jazz Musicians)
    • Combinations: M1l3$D@v1$, 0nc3Up0n@T1m3, $kub@Dyv3r
  • Wherever possible, don’t share passwords. There are other ways to get into important data, if you have to.

Using some of these basic methods can go a long way towards protecting your business, and yourself, from fraud.

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