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Phishing Scam Requests Credit Card Info, How to Stay Protected

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Unfortunately, scammers are becoming more creative with their attempts to lure you out of your finances. Not only are scammers getting more creative, they are also outsmarting many internet users and getting them to hand over their credit card info. Some common fraudulent behavior includes a scammer using the name of a well-established company such as Microsoft to help establish some trust with the person being scammed.

A common fraud is sent in the form of an email. The email sender claims to be from Microsoft stating that your account is ‘blocked’ and can only be unblocked with a credit card number. The email is actually not from Microsoft. A way to keep yourself safe is to never give out any sort of personal information in an email like this. As a matter of fact, you should not even bother replying. It is best to report the email and contact Microsoft directly if you think there actually is a problem.

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