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The Importance of Data Backup

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Data BackupRunning a small business can mean a lot of information is in one system or on one computer. Accidents and problems can occur no matter how many precautions you take. Storms can still hit too hard with surge protectors, a storm can wipe out an entire infrastructure, and hackers get better and better everyday. You may find yourself needing disaster recovery. At Working Nets, we provide you with the best possible prevention to these problems, but we also acknowledge that sometimes things just happen. This is why we also offer backup services. It’s good to know what kind of data backup is available and why it is helpful.

  • Local data backups – A local backup is one that is stored on a device that you can physically hold. Usually people use discs, flash drives, or external hard drives to back up their work. The benefit to this is that you have the backups on hand and can use them anywhere whether or not you have Internet connection. The downside to a local backup is that if a natural disaster destroys your data and your local backup is in the same location as that data, you’re going to lose all of it anyway.
  • Offsite data backups – This one essentially speaks for itself. Offsite backup has a big advantage over a local backup. It can be accessed from anywhere and won’t be destroyed in the event of a natural disaster. Offsite backups are becoming more and more popular as the Internet continues to grow and expand. People are using the different websites and programs that are emerging to ensure that their data does not disappear. One worry with an offsite backup is security. It is essential to know that your data is being put in a safe place, especially if it concerns business or finances.

Whether you’re running a business or are just a student with a lot of information stored on your computer, making data backups can save you a lot of trouble and headache in the long run.

At Working Nets, we were founded to provide small businesses, like yours, with expert information technology support they needed. Our disaster recovery services help ensure your vital business data is kept safe and secure!

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