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Tips For Secure Web Browsing

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How is your tablet putting you at risk?

1) Encrypted Email Server: You need to make sure your email server is using encryption for communication, especially when you’re using an unencrypted (or even a WEP-encrypted) wireless network. This is something a lot of people don’t think about. But the email client on your iPad or tablet is using whatever configuration it was set up with, to download your mail. So if the mail server settings aren’t set up to use encryption – some mail servers still don’t even enable it – then your tablet is periodically sending out your username and password in the clear, through an unencrypted wireless medium, that anyone could, potentially, be reading.  If a hacker can get into your email, they probably have enough information to   reconstruct your entire digital life, in their own image.

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2) WiFi: Wireless hotspots put you at risk. How? These hotspots are often unsecured, meaning your information and your digital identity is at risk. What’s worse is that even encrypted WiFi connection make you data accessible to others within the network. So instead of using WiFi, rely on 3G or 4G.

3) Downloading Apps: When downloading apps, do so only from trusted sources. Third party sources can put your tablet and your digital life at risk. This is because certain sites will actually try to download files to your tablet, files which will attempt to gather your digital information.

So please be safe! And check back in 2013 as we unveil the rest of our Tablet Cybersecurity Tips.

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Source: Securing a tablet for web browsing in six easy steps

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