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Cybersecurity News: Los Angeles Creates Cyber Security Command Center

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Around the world e-security is one of our biggest threats. In Los Angeles, steps are being taken to combat the risks. The Cyber Intrusion Command Center was created to secure all city agencies against cyberattacks. The mayor of Los Angeles wants to make sure that the city is protected from all future potential cyberattacks.hacker

Technology allows the government to be more efficient at a lower cost, but security can be sometimes compromised. That’s where the cybersecurity command center comes in. The purpose of the command center is to protect the computer systems from potential hackers. Federal officials have warned city officials that the next terrorist attack could be through computers as technology continues to be more prevalent in society. The goal of the cybersecurity command center is to fight electronic terrorism.

The center will identify cyberthreats, ensure incidents are quickly investigated and see that information on the threats are sent out.

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