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Protecting Your Windows PC Against Malware

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cryptolockerOver the past few months, a piece of Malware has been attacking Windows computers and extorting people for money in order to get their files back. The ransom is generally a few hundred dollars and if you don’t pay it, you can kiss your whole computer goodbye (unless, of course, you’ve backed up your files). Here are some things you need to know about CryptoLocker

  • It only affects Windows PCs. If you have a computer that runs Linux or OSX, you’re safe from CryptoLocker. As a Windows owner, though, you’ll want to protect yourself from this virus.
  • CryptoLocker is most likely to affect your JPGs, Word documents, PDFs, and PowerPoints. All of these files can be important for both companies and individual.
  • Unless you pay the fee that the malware asks for, you can’t get your files back. They are infected with no chance of recovery.
  • If a malware file is found early enough, it can be removed and stopped. However, once it has started to infect your files, there’s no longer any chance of recovery.

Now that you know a little bit about CryptoLocker, you’re probably wondering what you can do to protect yourself agains it and other types of malware.

  • Back EVERYTHING up. It’s not only malware that can cause you to lose your information. It’s best to have backups of everything that you create. As a good practice, you should update your backups at least once a week.
  • Purchase good anti-virus software. You’ll need something that will help ensure that your computer can’t be infected by any type of malware.
  • Make sure that everything that goes out or comes in is from a trusted source. Do not open any attachments from unknown or untrustworthy sources.

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