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In The Future Will Tablets Be As Powerful As Computers?

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Currently, the Intel Ivy Bridge processors used in PCs and Macs require a lot more power and run a lot hotter than the processors used in tablets. Because of this, they need a lot more cooling infrastructure to go along with them. They also require bigger batteries to be competitive in battery life.

As you can imagine, the current Ivy Bridge is not suitable for use in tablets.

But what if Intel found a way to cut the power demands of its processors? What if your tablet could use the same processor as your desktop? Sound crazy? Well, the future of tablet processors is looking pretty bright. According to a CNET report, Intel is planning to cut the power demands of its current line of processors. So what does this mean for the future of tablets?

Before Intel’s announcement, tablet manufacturers had three general chip options:

  1. Intel Core (or AMD) Processor
  2. Intel Atom Processor
  3. ARM-based Processor

With decreased power demand, the newest version of Ivy Bridge is more suitable for use in tablets. And Intel’s next generation of processors, code named “Haswell,” which is rumored to be scheduled for release in mid-2013, could cut power demands even further.

If Intel truly can reduce power consumption, that changes everything. This could lead to new tablets with better battery life, less heat, and the ability to run the full version of Windows 8 (along with all the legacy apps). Newer tablets would basically have the functionality as PCs.

Now wouldn’t that change the face of the computer industry?

“If it comes out that way and works that way, that could be a game-changer,” said Workings Nets’ own David Spigelman. “But don’t count on it happening in the next few months. I’m betting it’ll be AT LEAST Q3 before anything like that could become available – possibly 2014.”

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Source: Intel Core Processors may soon get Less Power Hungry

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