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Apple Announces Big Changes for iOS8

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iOS 8Apple users got a pretty big surprise last year when iOS7 was released. It easily had some of the biggest changes that iPhone and iPad users had seen to date. iOS8 won’t have quite the same amount of changes that 7 did, but it will certainly shake things up a little bit – most people agree for the better. 8 isn’t ready to drop just yet, but Apple did announce the big upgrades for the new operating system. Hopefully it’ll be available sometime this fall (generally, Apple is known to release things in September). Check out some of the most talked about new updates.

  • Easier texting – One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone is how hard it is to text. That’s why there are entire websites dedicated to Autocorrect being a problem. Apple has finally decided to address the texting issue by allowing users to download the Swype keyboard (familiar to Android users) and to see more than one option for words. It’s also going to offer “smart” answers, such as yes or now when it notices that someone has sent you a question. Overall, the experience should be much better.
  • Expanded iCloud – Most people don’t use iCloud because the amount of space that Apple offers in the free version just isn’t worth it. With version 8, they’ll finally be jumping into the cloud game with iCloud Drive, which will be competing with Google drive and more. It’ll still cost to upgrade to anything over 5 GB (which is a bit of a drawback), but you’ll be able to upload different file types and easily sync and save across devices.
  • HomeKit – For those who are interested in home automation systems, HomeKit will help you control more of your connected devices throughout your home, such as air conditioning, lighting, and audio systems. Those with iPhone 4S or higher (who have Siri) will be able to simply give a command to Siri and see it carried out by electronics or appliances throughout the home. Simple, yet effective.
  • Interactive Notifications – This is something most Apple users have been waiting on for a while. You’ll now be able to answer text messages, emails, and interact with other applications while you’re in an application. You won’t have to worry about closing out of an application to answer text messages or email anymore, or even open the lock screen to perform actions within apps. The operating system is much more streamlined than it has been in the past.

There are a few more upgrades, such as the Health App, that are coming out with iOS 8, but these are some of our favorites. To stay up on news from the technical world or to find out more about IT support, call us today at (443)-992-7394, drop by, or fill out our online form.

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