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What Technology Does my New Small Business Need?

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When starting any small business it’s important to recognize that in today’s world, every business will have some technological needs. Whether you’re a bakery or market analytics company, small business technology plays an important role in every emerging enterprise. Ascertaining what that role is and what technology your small business requires can be tricky, so we’ve assembled a few of the key ingredients that every small business should look for.Small business technology

Local Tech Consultant

One of the most essential early investments a small business can make is purchasing the services of a consultant, specifically one which specializes in small business technology. It’s important to make sure that any consultant you hire has an understanding of your business and who has a proven track record of helping small business grow through technology.

High Speed Internet

No matter what size your business is, in order to stay competitive in the modern marketplace, having high speed internet is an absolute must. With high speed internet you’ll be able to take advantage of a myriad of opportunities including digital and social media marketing, cloud storage of important documents, online marketplaces, and many more. When choosing an internet service provider look for a history good customer interactions and reliable, uninterrupted service.


Of course none of the above will provide you with any real benefit if your office doesn’t have any functional computers. While they may not be necessary for every employee, depending on your business, everyone should have access to one. It’s also important not to skimp by purchasing older systems, which will slow productivity and increase employee frustration. Shoot for computers that have at least 200GB of available storage, 3GB of RAM, and a processor with a minimum speed of 2.5 GHz.

Data Security

Data Security is a crucial element of small business technology. Your local network and all of your computers should be protected both with a firewall, and reliable antivirus software. All of this should be properly configured by your local tech consultant, who should also help you secure a wireless network if you are using one. Your data is important and private, and you should guard it as you would any physical valuables. It’s also important to remember that the security for your small business relies on a working knowledge of mobile device information as well as information on different websites and scams.

Working Nets

We recognize that you don’t always have that kind of time as a small business owner, which is why we offer cyber security and managed IT services. At WorkingNets, we employ only experienced tech professionals with insight into the latest emerging business technologies and risks. To talk to someone about technology consultation for your small business, give us a call at (443) 992-7394. We’d be happy to assist you with your professional business networking needs.

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