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Setting Up Your Small Business Office Network

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networkSetting up an office computer network for a small business isn’t always an easy task. Even with some tech-savvy people on your team, setting up a network that’s built to last and easily expand as your business does can be difficult. While it’s almost always better to consult a professional office network design and installation company, Working Nets is here with a general guide to make the process easier for any DIYers.

Wired vs. Wireless

Within the past few years wireless networking has skyrocketed in popularity among small businesses, largely because of a great decrease in its price. The benefits of wireless networking are obvious, you won’t need to run as many cables through your workplace, giving you greater freedom with your setup, you can use it from anywhere on your premises, and you can offer guests easy access.

However, there are still some advantages to sticking with Ethernet-focused wired networking. Wired office networks will still have the edge speed-wise, be cheaper than purchasing a powerful router, and won’t run into as many connectivity issues that can sometimes plague wireless systems. At Working Nets, we recommend a combination system with wired access for any permanent terminals with wireless network availability for anything portable.

What Do I Need?

Windows and OS X have built in networking features that make setting up a simple office network fairly straightforward, Aside from the computers themselves, you’ll need a few basic pieces of networking equipment to start connecting your system together.  To set up a network you’ll need a router that connects with your internet provider and your main server. Larger set ups may need additional routers or wireless relays to ensure network coverage for your whole office.

How Do I Keep My Network safe?

It’s crucial that after setting up your small business’s office network, you take the time to implement ample security measures to keep your data safe. To start with you should make sure all your computers and your router are operating with active firewalls (this can be easily checked in their respective settings) to keep malicious software out. If you’re running a wireless network make sure that WEP encryption is enabled and that users will need to put in a pass key before accessing the network. Make sure networked computers are using the most updated and secure versions of their preferred web browser, and check their history to monitor for suspicious activity.

So this is All I Need for Easy, Safe Networking, Right?

Unfortunately, no. With cyber criminals become more prevalent and creative every day, maintaining an office network is a constantly evolving challenge. While the steps listed above will get you started on your way to a great office network, they won’t take care of everything. If you want complete network security, easy set up, and management, call Working Nets today! We’re a Maryland based company with years of experience managing networks of both large and small businesses, as well as a team of highly dedicated, well-trained technical experts who stay on the cutting edge of network management so you don’t have to.

To talk to someone about network management for your small business, give us a call at (443) 992-7394. We’d be happy to assist you with your professional business networking needs.

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