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Small Businesses and The Cloud

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Take advantage of The Cloud for your small business.

Take advantage of The Cloud for your small business.

You’ve probably heard about this magical storage device known as “The Cloud.” But what is it exactly? The Cloud is a virtual server that stores data on the internet. This allows employees to access files and share content through any device inside and outside of the office. The cloud is infrastructure as a service so that you don’t have to host your own servers, making it a fantastic tool for small businesses. There are several different companies that offer these services on a small scale that may fit your business.

The Roster of Cloud Services

Sky Drive: This service is through Microsoft and requires Microsoft accounts to access. You can share documents and other data easily with your coworkers.

Google Docs: Using your gmail accounts you can share documents, images, and other data. This is completely free.

Office 365: By setting yourself up with this service you can link your Word, PowerPoint, One Note, and other office services together.

Drop Box: This service is basically a folder, or a series of folders, that you can drop files into. Just drop it in the box!

The Benefits of Cloud share

If you’re really wondering why a Cloud service can benefit you, then wonder no longer. Have you ever lost a document that you forgot to save? If you use Google Docs then that has a much lower likelihood. Any changes are saved within the cloud periodically and automatically so don’t worry about losing the important things. Another benefit to a cloud is that you can place a timesheet or another document for everyone to work on. Multiple people can view and edit the document at the same time so you can collaborate remotely. You could set up a “News” document where people could come and share their news within the office. Sharing information is the key use of a cloud, so check them out. See if a cloud is right for your small businesses.

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