Should You Integrate Tablets into your Office?


Could your office benefit from tablets?

Well, that depends on what you want to get out of them. Tablets can unlock an amazing world of connectivity and mobility, but do you need it? Another question to answer is which tablet you think is going to work for your purposes. Today we’re talking about the possibilities a tablet can bring in your office. Are you ready to learn more? Ok, let’s do it!

Connect with everything on the go.

One of the best things about a tablet is that you can move around with it. You can take notes in the conference room and seamlessly keep working as you move back to your office. Many tablets have keyboard attachments, so you can click it back and go once you’re settled if the attachment is large. If the keyboard attachment is small and light, then your tablet becomes easily mobile once you fold it. The nice thing about this mobility is that you can show other people in your office what you are working on while you are working on it if they have a question. Simply walk into the room with them and work together on the small screen.

Here’s what’s not so awesome about tablets.

Tablets may be the next big thing, but one major issues with them is that many of them tend to lack the memory needed for major programs. The Surface Pro 3 is beginning to change our minds about tablets doubling as computers, but most of them are a long way off from a complete replacement.

Need help integrating tablets into your network?

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