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Rethinking Conference Calls with Skype

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Are you struggling through conference calls? Skype can help.

When you need to hold a conference call, you may find yourself still struggling with phones or other outdated equipment. There’s no need. Skype for business is offering you freedom from the world of phones and opening the door to internet communications.  Now, this used to be known as Lync, but has been rebranded and put into beta so that you and other businesses like you can give it a shot. So, would you like to learn a little more about Skype for business and what it can do for you? Well, let’s do it!

Skype Meeting Broadcast is inclusive.

Whenever a company, even an established one, wants something to take off, they typically make it as inclusive as possible. What this means is that though you are freed from the burden of telephones, you can still use them with this feature. Not only that, but the number of people who can join the call goes up to 250. This model allows for “Webinars” or other situations in which several speakers wish to talk to lots of people. It opens up the door for a whole lot of creative uses for business and the size of the call is expected to increase exponentially.

So, how can you get a hold of it?

Right now, this feature is only offers to businesses with Office 365 and isn’t expected to become available to public until they have a substantial amount of support. International use is also limited at this point, so keep that in mind if you are planning on trying it.

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