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Mac or PC: Which Computer is Right for Your Small Business?

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The days of workplaces which strictly use Macs or PCs have passed. More and more businesses every year switch to using a strategic combination of machines running different operating systems, in order to reap diverse benefits. The Mac vs PC battle has turned into a business culture in which it is common to see a MacBook Pro on the same desk as a windows running tower. Depending on the needs of your small business, you might find that either type of machine, or perhaps even a combination of both, may best serve you.

Your choice between a mac or pc will depend on a number of factors.

The Pros Of Using Macs

Macs have more user friendly interfaces and are the preferred type of computer for businesses with creative departments. Finding a professional marketing, design, advertising, architecture or editorial team that does not use apple products would be a difficult task.

From both a personal computer and industry standard, Macs are far ahead of PC’s. Their creative programming and quality and size of their advanced screens are supremely excellent for the creative professional. The design programs, apps, and creative options for word processing, music recording, image and video editing, and more make Macs standard for those in these fields. A large amount of industry-standard software still only operates on Macs.

The Pros Of Using PCs

Machines which run windows are generally the most stable in terms of consistently performing as expected. PCs, on their own, are more susceptible to viruses than Macs, but keeping current with updates, patches, and licenses can keep your PC at peak performance. PCs are often far more economical for businesses, as PC vendors offer warranty and service programs that surpass those offered by Apple. Also, many administrative software programs are only designed for PC’s.

Depending on the needs of your business, all of the programs that Mac offers might be unnecessary, and Macs are incredibly expensive compared to PC’s. You can buy a number of laptops that run windows for the price of only one of Apple’s base model computers.

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