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Fixing Common Pokemon GO Issues

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There’s no doubt you’ve encountered some issues when playing the new craze, Pokemon GO.

We don’t usually cover apps on Working Nets, but we are dedicated to supporting you and solving your tech problems, regardless of where they originate.  So, there’s no doubt you’ve encountered some issues when playing the new craze, Pokemon GO.  Since the game is still in beta, it’s bound to have some errors that are going to get fixed in the next few updates.  But for now, let’s focus on getting ourselves familiar with ways to solve common problems.

First–always try restarting.

Your GPS is off, your Pokemon tracker hasn’t changed for a few hundred meters, you can’t click on anything–a restart will probably fix that.  Like we discussed last week, restarting anything resets the code so it starts to function properly again.  Pokemon GO is a game, after all; it runs on code and relies on everything running perfectly.  The smallest hiccup could send this prototype into a frenzy.


Battery Drain

This is a huge issue everyone seems to be having.  If your phone isn’t brand new, Pokemon GO can drain battery quicker than any other app you have.  It uses your phone’s camera, GPS and displays fancy graphics constantly.  It’s also repeatedly running a randomization code, so it needs to update relatively frequently.  To cut down on drain, you can: turn off AR (when in battle, at the upper right corner), lower brightness, turn off sound, turn off Wi-Fi (your phone constantly searches for it and wastes battery doing so), close out of other apps, or turn on the battery saver option in the ‘Settings’ tab.  Don’t be afraid to buy a battery pack–these tend to be cheap and widely available at your local retail store.


GPS can’t keep up

Maybe you’ve been walking along and notice your avatar is stuck a few blocks back.  This is a known issue, and is being worked on.  But in the meantime, you can go into your phone’s settings and make sure the GPS is enabled for the app and that it is set to the highest accuracy.  Keep in mind, though, this little change could make a huge impact on your battery life.


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