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How to Backup Files on Your Computer

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You never know when disaster can strike; a virus, a power outage, or personal mistakes can lead to deletion of necessary files.

It’s always a good thing to protect your files.  You never know when disaster can strike; a virus, a power outage, or personal mistakes can lead to deletion of necessary files.  So, when you’ve got them all backed up, you can rest assured that everything will stay perfectly safe, even when something terrible happens to your computer.  You can always replace a computer or download new programs, but files such as pictures, videos, and similar personal content can’t be replaced.  Read on to figure out how you can backup the files on your computer safely and efficiently.

Start Small


The easiest way to backup files is to use a USB drive, or even an external hard drive.  These two objects make it simple to transfer information from one folder to another.  Simply copy and paste the files you want to save into the device’s storage folder, and boom–instant backup!  These devices are also portable, so you can take them anywhere, and it isn’t a hassle to hook them up to a new computer when you need to.


Use the Cloud


It’s there for a reason.  The Cloud is the perfect place for you to upload all of your files, knowing that they’ll always be there for you to retrieve.  The great thing about this is that you can’t lose it.  A USB drive can get dropped behind the couch and an external hard drive could be damaged.  But when the files are in the Cloud, they are safe and secure from physical influences, as well.


Never Enough!


If you’re unsure, backup through any means necessary!  Use more than one method to make sure that everything is safe and secure.  Don’t let yourself stay unsecure, and keep those files backed up to the best of your ability.


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