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5 Ways to Protect Your Online Security

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The world is only a click away. However, this ultimate accessibility and convenience does not come without its drawbacks.

In today’s high tech world, we have access to more information and products and media than ever before. The world is only a click away. However, this ultimate accessibility and convenience does not come without its drawbacks. When it comes to online security, it can be difficult to protect yourself. From malware to hackers to spyware, there are numerous threats to our own cyber security lurking in all corners of the web. Read on to learn more about how to protect yourself in the digital age.

A Strong Password


A lot of people believe that using one simple password for everything is good enough. If you use the same password for everything and hackers get it right once, you are in trouble. Use different combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols for all of your accounts. You can even use a password manager.


Rethink Your Security Question Answers


From social media to ancestry.com, a lot of your personal information is easily available on the web. Think hard about the answers to your security questions.to avoid online security trouble.  


Make Use of Double-Verification When You Can


Some sites, such as google, make use of double verification. When accessing a Gmail or Google account from any device for the first time, users need their own password and a one time password sent to the number on their account to log in.  


Password Protect Your Wifi


Unsecured networks are like unlocked houses that anyone can enter uninvited. A secure network, however, is like an extra barrier of protection around your personal data. A hacker with access to your wifi can wreak havoc and even control your computer, so make sure you have a strong wifi password.


Don’t Click Unfamiliar Links


Spammers are getting more clever, even sending us weird links from what appears to be our friends. It is better safe than sorry when it comes to cyber security. Do not click strange links, regardless of who sends them.


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