How To Repair Your Graphics Card

Although updating your hardware may be necessary, repairing the equipment could save you money and extend its life.

If you think your graphics card may be near its end, there are ways you can repair it before you decide to give up. If you’ve noticed any glitches, artifacts, or stutters then it is time to examine the hardware issues that you’re experiencing. Some may see these problems and think that the entire computer needs to be replaced when there’s actually only one problem component in your system. Although updating your hardware may be necessary, repairing the equipment could save you money and extend its life.

Getting to Know Your Computer

Tech repair can seem like a daunting task and for many people it does require professional intervention. However, for more tech savvy folks rolling up your sleeves and getting familiar with the hardware is no problem. These days, you can find tutorials for everything in an article or video online. It starts with disassembling the area that houses your graphics card. You’ll need a screwdriver, heat gun (or other way to apply heat), and thermal paste.

Repairing Your Graphics Card

Follow these directions as closely as possible to repair your graphics card and avoid further damage.

  • Your graphics card is attached by screws to a heat sink. Use your screwdriver to remove it so that you can better examine the graphics card and its processor. The processor can be easily identified by its gray color and location in the middle of the card.
  • Remove dust and any other built up grime from its surface with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover and some sort of cotton swab. Use this technique to also remove the old thermal paste on the chip.
  • Now take your heat gun or handheld hair dryer to apply indirect heat to the chip. Continually rotate your heating element so as not to burn the chip. Once you see that the solder has melted, remove the heat and wait for the processor to completely cool again.
  • Apply new thermal paste to the chip by spreading a thin layer all over its surface and reassemble the heat sink as it was before disassembly.

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