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Tag pop-up blocker

How Can I Protect My Computer From Viruses and Spyware?

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Viruses and spyware are probably the worst things that could infect your computer. Not only will they slow down your machine, but they will cause great security threats to your personal data. So how can you keep your data safe and protect your computer?Virus in program code

Fortunately there are a few easy ways:

  • Install an antivirus program – an antivirus program needs to be kept up to date to do its job well. There are a variety of options available that vary on price and amount of coverage. It is best to do some research about each antivirus program to identify which one is right for you.
  • Be mindful of which emails you open – if you do not recognize the email sender, it may be a scam or include a harmful attachment. If you’re not familiar with the sender of the email, don’t open it. Potentially it can be dangerous and cause a lot of harm to your computer system.
  • Use a popup blocker- pop-ups are smaller browser windows that can appear on any website you are using. While many are advertisements, others can contain malicious software designed to give you a virus. A popup blocker can prevent this type of window from appearing.
  • Keep your software system updated – companies such as Apple and Windows periodically send out security updates. It is important to keep your computer updated to protect it from the latest security threats.
  • Clear your browsing history – when you’re using a public computer, consider clearing the browser history when you are done. This will protect you from leaving any personal information behind.

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