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Is Your Outlook Up to Date?

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Is your Outlook up to date?

On April 20th some components of Microsoft Outlook stopped working in conjunction with google apps. This change is very important to note if you’re using google apps to sync with Outlook. Those of you who have automatic updates will probably not even notice a change, but those of you who do not might be in for a bumpy ride. Make sure that your Outlook software is completely up to date so that you can keep utilizing it. Read More

The Importance of Software Updates

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Hands Typing on a Laptop ComputerThere are a great many people who never perform updates on their computers. They continually dismiss the notifications and reminders, plugging along as if they don’t need the updates. Some people even believe that updates are bad for their computers! These people couldn’t be more incorrect about updates. Performing regular updates on your computer’s programs is absolutely essential for maintaining a machine that runs efficiently.

Automatic Updates VS. Manual Updates

Automatic updates can often make our lives a lot easier in terms of keeping track of all of our software. They’ll pop up and remind us that they need to be executed. What we need to do is actually execute them. Updates may seem like a hassle because they may, momentarily, slow our machine down. However, they may makes processes smoother once they’re complete. So, a momentary slowdown is worth it in the long run. Now, manual updates are a bit more problematic, but only because you need to stay on top of them. Now, after updates occur, you may be asked or required to restart your machine to complete the process. Manual updates are more common on older machines with older operating systems. Write yourself a note if it helps you to remember!

Why Updates Matter

So, if it slows you down and is generally annoying then why should you have to endure it? Well, sometimes an update can make the software run more efficiently. In the case of anti-virus software, the malware database within the program will become more current, which will keep your machine safer. Any bugs from previous versions might be addressed in an update. There is also the probability of new features, settings, or other things that can be added with updates. Now, it is extremely important to note that software developers are expecting the updates to take place, so any support that you may need may not be accurate to your version.

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