Google Apps Break With New Microsoft Office

When it comes to updating your software, newer is always better, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case with Microsoft Office 2013. To be clear there are some great changes that have been made to the software. Microsoft Office 2013 is using a model called ‘click-to-run’ which will stream the application to you instead of storing a huge file on your computer.

Some of the benefits of a click-to-run model are:

  • Quick installation
  • Automatic software updates
  • Virtualized (this will eliminate the risk of getting a virus)

While there are many benefits to using this type of model, the virtualized Microsoft Office presents a problem when it comes to using add-ons. Because the programs are being hosted in the cloud, the add-ons do not have a place to secure themselves to, causing them to break.

At the moment, Google Apps outlook Sync Tool (GAOST) does not work with the click-to-run model. As great as GAOST is, the only way to continue using it is to not update to the newest version of Microsoft Office or to use the web based interface for Outlook, which undermines the purpose of actually using outlook.

Over time, this will get worse, not better. It may be best to leave GAOST behind like the older versions of Microsoft Office.

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