5 Google Updates to Anticipate

With their own web browser that contains dozens of apps, a lofty document cloud and even a GPS system, it seems as though Google already has it all.

Google is easily the most popular IT company on the web right now.  With their own web browser that contains dozens of apps, a lofty document cloud and even a GPS system, it seems as though Google already has it all.  Working Nets is always keeping up-to-date on IT news, and we can tell you that Google isn’t done yet.  Here are five exciting updates Google is planning for.

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Gmail Offers an Unsend Feature for Emails?!

Never deal with the embarrassment of sending an accidental email again by using Gmail’s “unsend” feature!

Gmail offers an unsend feature for emails. We repeat, Gmail offers an unsend feature for emails. Have you ever accidentally sent an email that left you longing for a way to go back in time? This is a pretty common occurrence for people who use email communication frequently. The possibilities of a fast-paced mistake like this could not only be embarrassing, but may cost you your job or client depending on the nature of the accidental email. That’s why Google is here to save the day with the “unsend button.” The feature rolled out last year, but Working Nets is here to review it – for those of you that missed the life-changing memo.

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Trust in Google, Not in Scam Artists

Keep yourself safe while browsing the internet by only giving your personal information to trusted, reliable websites, and doing your research before agreeing to anything.

Companies that make the effort to be reliable and user-friendly are well-respected and trusted. Unfortunately, unscrupulous people will sometimes try to use the names of those companies to scam unsuspecting consumers. Google, the world’s most ubiquitous search engine and one of the world’s most popular web presences, is no exception to this issue. [Read more…]

Is Your Outlook Up to Date?

Is your Outlook up to date?

On April 20th some components of Microsoft Outlook stopped working in conjunction with google apps. This change is very important to note if you’re using google apps to sync with Outlook. Those of you who have automatic updates will probably not even notice a change, but those of you who do not might be in for a bumpy ride. Make sure that your Outlook software is completely up to date so that you can keep utilizing it. [Read more…]

Google Apps Break With New Microsoft Office

When it comes to updating your software, newer is always better, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case with Microsoft Office 2013. To be clear there are some great changes that have been made to the software. Microsoft Office 2013 is using a model called ‘click-to-run’ which will stream the application to you instead of storing a huge file on your computer.

Some of the benefits of a click-to-run model are:

  • Quick installation
  • Automatic software updates
  • Virtualized (this will eliminate the risk of getting a virus)

While there are many benefits to using this type of model, the virtualized Microsoft Office presents a problem when it comes to using add-ons. Because the programs are being hosted in the cloud, the add-ons do not have a place to secure themselves to, causing them to break.

At the moment, Google Apps outlook Sync Tool (GAOST) does not work with the click-to-run model. As great as GAOST is, the only way to continue using it is to not update to the newest version of Microsoft Office or to use the web based interface for Outlook, which undermines the purpose of actually using outlook.

Over time, this will get worse, not better. It may be best to leave GAOST behind like the older versions of Microsoft Office.

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