5 Google Updates to Anticipate

With their own web browser that contains dozens of apps, a lofty document cloud and even a GPS system, it seems as though Google already has it all.

Google is easily the most popular IT company on the web right now.  With their own web browser that contains dozens of apps, a lofty document cloud and even a GPS system, it seems as though Google already has it all.  Working Nets is always keeping up-to-date on IT news, and we can tell you that Google isn’t done yet.  Here are five exciting updates Google is planning for.

Software Updates


Google plans to make changes towards their phones and tablets.  They want to do something Apple has yet to accomplish: run multiple apps side-by-side.  You can do this on an iPad, but not an iPhone, and Google is confident their Androids will get the best software updates to keep their users technologically savvy.


Instant Apps on Android


Have you ever downloaded an app for one, specific occasion and then you never used it again?  Google updates are planning to solve that issue on Android.  Instant Apps should eventually work without lag to allow users to use apps without downloading them permanently to their phone.


Google Home


Truly, Google has services that can be used in every aspect of life.  Google Home is no exception.  The intention is to create a device which works across the user’s home, and will play music and podcasts, as well as offer task and alarm management.  The device is also said to be voice-operated, and it connects with the internet.




Google has a messaging system already in place, but nothing makes it stand out in the vast array of messaging systems in the IT world.  Allo is a messaging program that will change the way people send messages.  You’ll be able to text a Google Assistant in order to get information stored across Google computers.  And, most importantly, there’s voice-controlled texting.  The text is customizable and Google will recognize your typing style, which makes Allo an innovative and original messaging system.




Finally, there’s Daydream.  Google’s virtual reality device on the market right now, the Cardboard headset, is bulky and doesn’t feel very immersive.  Daydream will hopefully have high-quality content and update the virtual reality system this fall.


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