Gmail Offers an Unsend Feature for Emails?!

Never deal with the embarrassment of sending an accidental email again by using Gmail’s “unsend” feature!

Gmail offers an unsend feature for emails. We repeat, Gmail offers an unsend feature for emails. Have you ever accidentally sent an email that left you longing for a way to go back in time? This is a pretty common occurrence for people who use email communication frequently. The possibilities of a fast-paced mistake like this could not only be embarrassing, but may cost you your job or client depending on the nature of the accidental email. That’s why Google is here to save the day with the “unsend button.” The feature rolled out last year, but Working Nets is here to review it – for those of you that missed the life-changing memo.

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Did you hear about the Unsend button Gmail just introduced?

Did you know that there are Gmail features that you aren’t using?

Have you ever sent an email that you wish you hadn’t sent? Hasn’t everyone? What if you could stop it from sending and undo the disaster you were about to cause. Well, Google understands your struggle and has introduced a new “unsend” button. This revolutionary new feature is only one of the awesome features that Gmail offers. So, would you like to learn more about some more cool features from Gmail that you probably aren’t using? Well, let’s do it! [Read more…]

Google’s Gmail and Google Apps are down!

Update: As of about 10:15 am, things seem to be coming back online for Google Apps and Gmail.


Since about 8:00 am today, Google’s Gmail and Google Apps for Business mail are down. Twitter is abuzz with it. It’s beginning to show up in the search engines.


Note that it doesn’t seem to be affecting everyone, but many are complaining about it. Stay tuned – we’ll keep you posted.