How To Navigate Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery plans are important to have in place.

IT services are a growing necessity in today’s world of technology. Especially with the amount of risks that could hinder a business, it’s imperative that protection and planning is produced for companies of all sizes. No matter what type of business it is, information technology is a critical component of daily functions. With that knowledge in mind, it’s astounding how many businesses do not have a disaster recovery plan in place. This is something that could easily translate to failure in the event of a crisis, and there are ways to plan for an emergency of this kind. [Read more…]

Why You Should Never Ignore a Software Update

Computers, phones, and even game systems all go through frequent software updates that interrupt our time or our work. It’s incredibly inconvenient–but also entirely necessary.

With almost every device, software updates are a nuisance for many people.  Computers, phones, and even game systems all go through frequent software updates that interrupt our time or our work.  It’s incredibly inconvenient–but also entirely necessary.  If you’ve been ignoring that software update for your phone or computer, now’s the time to get it started.  Not convinced that software updates are important?  Read on.

Gmail Offers an Unsend Feature for Emails?!

Never deal with the embarrassment of sending an accidental email again by using Gmail’s “unsend” feature!

Gmail offers an unsend feature for emails. We repeat, Gmail offers an unsend feature for emails. Have you ever accidentally sent an email that left you longing for a way to go back in time? This is a pretty common occurrence for people who use email communication frequently. The possibilities of a fast-paced mistake like this could not only be embarrassing, but may cost you your job or client depending on the nature of the accidental email. That’s why Google is here to save the day with the “unsend button.” The feature rolled out last year, but Working Nets is here to review it – for those of you that missed the life-changing memo.

[Read more…]

The Cloud Might not Be the Most Secure


Let’s learn more about the cloud and security.

The cloud is a wonderful innovation. It is a place where you can upload and store tons of files that can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have a wireless connection. Though this technology offers much in terms of innovation and utility, there is a serious issue with security. For better or worse, hackers can jump into your Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive accounts without needing your password. This can lead to huge issues with file security and we’re going to be talking about it today. Are you ready to learn more about the cloud and it’s security flaws? Let’s get started. [Read more…]

Keeping your Network Protected: A quick guide

Worried about your network?

We’ve all heard of computer viruses and people trying to infiltrate our systems, but how exactly do you keep people and bad programs out? Well, there are a couple of sure fire ways to protect your system that will also help to protect your business. If you have an ecommerce website or conduct any sort of financial business online, then protecting your network is absolutely essential. Let’s find out how you can do that. Ready? Here we go! [Read more…]

WireLurker: A New Kind of Security Threat for the iOS

Apple devices have long lorded their comparable lack of malware over their Windows competitors. However a new cyber security threat, dubbed WireLurker, may signal a coming change in the iOS’s fortunes. Working Nets, one of Maryland’s leading cyber security providers, is here with the details on why this malware is particularly dangerous for iOS devices.

What is WireLurker? What Makes it Dangerous?

WireLurker is a piece of malware, originating in China on some 500 infected apps on the unofficial Maiyadi app store, which has already infected close to 400,000 iOS devices. More importantly, WireLurker is the first known malware to target non-jailbroken iOS devices. Previously malware on the iOS was confined to users who jailbroke (disconnecting their operating system from Apple’s network and disabling limitations on installing unauthorized software) their phone, meaning that most consumers of Apple products had a very high degree of guaranteed security. The discovery of WireLurker could herald an onslaught of malware directed at iOS devices belonging to anyone.

How Does WireLurker Work?

WireLurker makes its way onto a device through infected malware downloaded from an app store or the internet, from there it infects the iOS of that machine, and makes its way to others by installing rogue apps whenever an infected device is connected via USB to an uninfected one. The original WireLurker malware made its way onto such a large number of devices because it was hidden inside seemingly legitimate applications, including illegitimate versions of highly successful games like The Sims 3 and Angry Birds.

What Does WireLurker Do?

WireLurker like most malware is used for data collection. What’s especially unusual is what data the malware seems to be interested in collecting. Most malware gathers up as much personal data as it can handle but WireLurker has only been observed identifying device owners, leading some to speculate that it was being used by the Chinese government to root out the identity of software pirates. However the amateurish nature of WireLurker’s distribution has made most cyber security experts skeptical of that assertion.

Keep All Your iOS Devices Secure With Working Nets

Keeping up with the latest cyber security threats can be exhausting, especially if you’re already running your own business. Outsourcing your IT can give you peace of mind and allow you to take care of the things that are important for your company. Working Nets is a Maryland based IT Service and Security company that services businesses nationwide. We’re always on top of emerging cybersecurity trends and threats so you don’t have to be.

To talk to someone about managed IT for your business, give us a call at (443) 992-7394. We’d be happy to assist you with your professional business networking needs.

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3 Advantages of Outsourcing IT You May Not Have Considered

Everyone knows the basic usefulness of outsourcing your IT. It gives you a little bit of extra time and money to focus on the important things. Plus, you’ve got a group of professionals who have made a career out of making sure that other people’s IT needs are met. They consistently go through training to learn more about how to work on computers and computer networking, which can be extremely beneficial if you’re not particularly computer savvy (and let’s face it, computers are a bit confusing for everyone). There are a few advantages that you may not have considered when it comes to outsourcing your IT, though. Check out 3 of the biggest advantages that we’ve compiled.

  1. Make more money – You know that outsourcing your IT can save you money, but did you realize that it can also help you make money? Better technology generally means better customer service. An IT support company can help you figure out the best IT solutions for your company and move you forward in the customer service industry. Your employees will also be able to be more productive if they can easily solve technology problems.
  2. Run your small business like a big business – Big businesses usually have an extensive IT staff that focuses on just that company’s needs because they can afford it. It’s tough to get a large enough IT staff to bounce great ideas around when you own a small business. If you outsource your IT to a company that knows how to make the most of the technology that you have, you get a team of professionals dedicated to your cause for a much smaller price than in-house IT.
  3. Know when to update – Running a business will keep you very, very busy. You probably don’t have time to check every computer or keep a log of when security updates need to happen or when software updates come out. An outsourced IT company can keep you up to date on software and hardware. They’ll let you know when it’s time to update or make a change so that you don’t have to worry about things like that. You’re company will run more efficiently and it won’t involve you ever lifting a finger.

If you haven’t considered outsourcing your IT, now is the time to think about it. Working with a company like Working Nets gives you the security and peace of mind that your company is running with the best technology possible. Talk to us about what different plans we have available for IT support. call us today at (443)-992-7394, drop by, or fill out our online form for more information! You can also find Working Nets online at Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Source: http://www.essent.com/News/Blog/The-Top-10-Benefits-of-Outsourcing-IT-through-Managed-Services-284-24.htm

Second Largest Data Breach Hits EBay

EBay has now fallen victim to a cyber-attack, which was disclosed by the company Wednesday. The hackers were able to gain access to the database of 145 million EBay users and their records. Hackers were able to steal information like mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, and passwords; however the company assures its users that no PayPal or financial data was compromised during the attack.

EBay has given a small insight as to how the hackers were able to gain access to the information. They claim that the attack took place between the end of February and the beginning of March and that hackers used credentials they obtained from employees. Using this information, they were then able to access the company’s database holding millions of users’ records.

The attack has left many experts questioning how the company missed the attack that took place nearly three months ago. Experts are left wondering if the employee’s whose credentials were stolen were really authorized to have access to such information. EBay is working with FBI to investigate the attack and has hired a forensic division from Mandiant, a company through FireEye Inc. to help with the investigation. Internet security expert Dan Kaminsky wants to know how the information was compromised and why it took so long for EBay to detect the attack. The attack comes in second to the October 2013 attack on Adobe Systems Inc. that left 152 million user accounts compromised, but surpasses the December 2013 attack on Target Corp that compromised 40 million credit card accounts and 70 million customer records.

If you are concerned that your business could be in jeopardy of a hacker attack, contact Working Nets Inc. today. At Working Nets, we provide services like security and disaster preparedness as well as virus and spyware protection. Working Nets strives to provide small businesses with the protection they need to help their information stay secure. To inquire about protection against security breaches, call us today at (443)-992-7394 or fill out our online form.

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