Why You Should Never Ignore a Software Update

Computers, phones, and even game systems all go through frequent software updates that interrupt our time or our work. It’s incredibly inconvenient–but also entirely necessary.

With almost every device, software updates are a nuisance for many people.  Computers, phones, and even game systems all go through frequent software updates that interrupt our time or our work.  It’s incredibly inconvenient–but also entirely necessary.  If you’ve been ignoring that software update for your phone or computer, now’s the time to get it started.  Not convinced that software updates are important?  Read on.


What Are Software Updates?

90% of software updates are security enhancers.   Viruses and malware tend to adapt to their surroundings; they’ll attach to a flaw in a certain operating system and corrupt it from that point.  A software update is a patch of sorts; able to cure the flaw and prevent malware from entering your computer through that oversight.  Along with security functions, though, there are other minor updates.  These usually consist of graphic changes, bug fixes, or added features.

Why Are Software Updates Important?

The number one reason is that these updates are what help keep your computer protected.  Without updating, you’re pilling on the number of entry points that malware and viruses could infiltrate.  You’re essentially leaving the front door of your computer wide open for intruders.  An update is like deadbolting that door.  A lot of criminals who create these programs rely on the the fact that people don’t want to click on the update button.  These days, Windows 10 will update itself when it sees fit.  This is actually the best policy as it can stop threats when they appear.  Otherwise, the best option is to restart as soon as you see the prompt asking you to.  It may be tedious, but it will protect your computer from nasties that would otherwise have easy access.  And with more updates, you’ll have more new features and bug fixes from the company.  After a while, those bugs will add up, and might damage your device.

Problems with software updates?  Working Nets can help!

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