Disaster Recovery and the Cloud

How will you provide disaster recovery for your business’s most critical data, applications, and systems? If you’re working with a disk-to-disk backup system, this can present many problems. Although reliable, disk-to-disk disaster recovery requires 2x the amount of data in order to meet disaster recovery objectives. Additionally, if a second copy need be acquired, a second backup appliance would need to be purchased. Let’s go over how new disaster recovery technology is making way for Cloud implementation to ease your headaches, time wasted, and money spent.

Working Nets IT works with you to implement the most technologically advanced cyber security

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The Cloud Might not Be the Most Secure


Let’s learn more about the cloud and security.

The cloud is a wonderful innovation. It is a place where you can upload and store tons of files that can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have a wireless connection. Though this technology offers much in terms of innovation and utility, there is a serious issue with security. For better or worse, hackers can jump into your Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive accounts without needing your password. This can lead to huge issues with file security and we’re going to be talking about it today. Are you ready to learn more about the cloud and it’s security flaws? Let’s get started. [Read more…]

Small Businesses and The Cloud

Take advantage of The Cloud for your small business.

You’ve probably heard about this magical storage device known as “The Cloud.” But what is it exactly? The Cloud is a virtual server that stores data on the internet. This allows employees to access files and share content through any device inside and outside of the office. The cloud is infrastructure as a service so that you don’t have to host your own servers, making it a fantastic tool for small businesses. There are several different companies that offer these services on a small scale that may fit your business. [Read more…]