Disaster Recovery and the Cloud

How will you provide disaster recovery for your business’s most critical data, applications, and systems? If you’re working with a disk-to-disk backup system, this can present many problems. Although reliable, disk-to-disk disaster recovery requires 2x the amount of data in order to meet disaster recovery objectives. Additionally, if a second copy need be acquired, a second backup appliance would need to be purchased. Let’s go over how new disaster recovery technology is making way for Cloud implementation to ease your headaches, time wasted, and money spent.

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Hybrid Disaster Recovery is Gaining Speed

Hybrid, or Cloud connected, applications are becoming an increasingly popular tool for easing the impact of disaster recovery. This hybrid technology has traditional D2D backup capabilities while also implementing a 2nd copy of your data in the Cloud. Not needing the use of a local appliance, these hybrid disaster recovery systems are a bit more convenient than an exclusively disk-to-disk backup.

Intelligence Caching

New appliances act more as an intelligence cache than a storage unit. They keep everything in the Cloud and your most important data local. This is extremely helpful because if a data disaster occurs, your most critical data can be accessed in a moment’s notice.  The Cloud is also a source of infinite storage, so the sky’s the limit for your data storage needs.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Physically converting your data into a virtual data storage component will ensure the longevity of your business. This is what Disaster Recovery as a service does. If a natural disaster occurs, crumbling your business to the ground, this method of disaster recovery will ensure its survival.

Monetary Benefits

Using these Cloud-based disaster recovery units might sound like a lot of money, but the implementation of them will help your business save money in the long-run. Using a Cloud-connected appliance is far less costly than constantly needing to backup disk-to-disk appliances with 2x data storage. Instead of buying an expensive physical storage appliance, which could break in the event of a natural disaster, the low-cost monthly payments of the Cloud will save your business money.

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