Technology Trends to Look Out For in 2018

The world of computers, smartphones, self-driving cars, and even storage and apps have been developing at lightning speed, so how will that develop next year?

As 2017 comes to a close, we wonder what staying on the cutting edge of technology will look like in 2018. The world of computers, smartphones, self-driving cars, and even storage and apps have been developing at lightning speed, so how will that develop next year? We hedge our bets on expanding artificial intelligence, continuing research on digitally enhanced reality, and perfecting digital twin technology. [Read more…]

5 Network Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

If you’re not an IT expert, there could be some opportunities to optimize the efficiency and safety of your home network.

Your home network is probably one of the unsung heroes in your daily life. As it allows you to work, entertain, and stay connected, it’s become a feature in your home that you’ve grown used to having. As technology continues to advance every day, it’s important that home network owners stay up to date to keep their network safe and functioning properly. If you’re not an IT expert, there could be some opportunities to optimize the efficiency and safety of your home network. Here are five mistakes that you may be making. [Read more…]

Everything You Need To Know About HDMI Cables

HDMI cables are some of the most commonly purchased and used cables in the technology and IT industry.

HDMI cables are some of the most commonly purchased and used cables in the technology and IT industry, but what are they? Chances are, there are at least 3 or 4 of them in your home right now. Today we’re tackling HDMI cables 101 and showing you why HDMI cables are such a fantastic choice. [Read more…]

An Explanation of the Internet of Things

How smart is your technology? What does it all mean?

We have all heard of the terms smart car, smart phone, smart home, and number of other related “smart” appliances and objects. If you are wondering what these things are exactly and what makes them so “smart,” the IT experts at Working Nets can help. If you are lost in a sea of smart appliances or confused by all of the innovations related to the Internet of Things, read on to solve the mystery and learn what they mean for your life. [Read more…]

The Benefits of Utilizing IT Services from an MSP

What does your IT budget look like? A MSP could help you cut costs.

When it comes to IT and IT services, businesses often reach a major threshold before any significant changes are made. This can revolve around the number of employees, increased down time, or the need to cut costs, but the answer to all of these can be found in a managed services program. Current studies suggest that on average only 20% of the IT budget of individual businesses is spent on new initiatives, innovations, and projects, where as much of 80% of the budget is spent solely on simply keeping things up and running. Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could reverse these numbers with a managed services program? [Read more…]

Gmail Offers an Unsend Feature for Emails?!

Never deal with the embarrassment of sending an accidental email again by using Gmail’s “unsend” feature!

Gmail offers an unsend feature for emails. We repeat, Gmail offers an unsend feature for emails. Have you ever accidentally sent an email that left you longing for a way to go back in time? This is a pretty common occurrence for people who use email communication frequently. The possibilities of a fast-paced mistake like this could not only be embarrassing, but may cost you your job or client depending on the nature of the accidental email. That’s why Google is here to save the day with the “unsend button.” The feature rolled out last year, but Working Nets is here to review it – for those of you that missed the life-changing memo.

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Signs You Should Invest in Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, your business may be in danger from recovering. Invest in disaster recovery and never worry.

It is common practice to insure your most valuable possessions, your home or apartment, and you vehicles. It is important to make sure that which is important to your is protected. If taking these steps is commonplace for what’s important to you, why not protect your business? It is estimated that 75% of all small businesses will experience some sort of disaster, whether caused by nature, human error, or some other type of event, and a quarter of these businesses never reopen following them. A big reason is that critical and unrecoverable information has been lost. These are some signs that investing in disaster preparedness is crucial for the cyber security of your business.  Let’s learn more about why you should invest in disaster recovery.

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Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing IT using Managed Services

Handling IT can be a hassle for any business. Managing network setup, company email servers, and purchasing the right equipment can be a struggle. And it’s a necessary struggle. In the increasingly digital era we live in, it’s impossible to stay competitive without trying to leverage technology for your business’s benefit. But how can a small business keep up with ever changing technology without diverting manpower away from their day-to-day activities? The answer is easy. Managed services. Managed services is the practice of outsourcing IT setup and supervision to a company that’s dedicated to making sure that you can rely on your technology without worrying about it. WorkingNets is here with the top 5 benefits to using managed services for your small businesses IT needs.

  1. Control IT Costs: One of the biggest benefits of using managed services for your small business’s IT is that it converts a variable cost into a fixed rate. While taking care of IT yourself is theoretically cheaper (in some cases) that’s assuming you never mess up, or that there’s never a problem you can’t handle. Then it’s anybody’s guess as to how much money will be wasted in lost efficiency and manpower. Using managed services guarantees constant IT functionality at a flat rate.
  2. Stay Competitive: Not only does employing managed services for your small business IT needs improve your efficiency; it also ensures that you’ll constantly be using the latest technologies at their maximum potential, often without even realizing it.
  3. Focus Your Business: Managed services can help you drastically cut down on excess and refocus your business on what you started it to be. With IT management taken care of you won’t have to dedicate employees to taking care of tasks that they may be untrained for, and you won’t have to waste time on anything outside of doing what you do best.
  4. Reduce Risk: Hiring an outside firm for IT managed services substantially lowers your risk. Not only does it greatly reduce the odds you’ll ever be disconnected from the outside world, but it also ensures you won’t waste money on risky or uninformed IT purchases, and better protects you from malicious hackers and scammers.
  5.  Protects You and Your Clients: Hiring an IT firm to provide your small business with managed services means that you won’t have to worry about stolen company information, credit card numbers, email accounts, and the like. IT managed services will guarantee that you’ve got the latest attestall, DMZ, PCI Security Standards, and more at your back, making sure that you and your customers feel safe.

Interested In IT Managed Services for Your Small Business?

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