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Technology Trends to Look Out For in 2018

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The world of computers, smartphones, self-driving cars, and even storage and apps have been developing at lightning speed, so how will that develop next year?

As 2017 comes to a close, we wonder what staying on the cutting edge of technology will look like in 2018. The world of computers, smartphones, self-driving cars, and even storage and apps have been developing at lightning speed, so how will that develop next year? We hedge our bets on expanding artificial intelligence, continuing research on digitally enhanced reality, and perfecting digital twin technology.

Artificial Intelligence

We’ve all heard of “smart” things, like smartphones and smart homes that are controlled by a user, but what about “intelligent things” that can interact with an environment with little human interference? There are a few prototypes on the market now for this very idea, like autonomous cars, robots, and drones that exist in controlled environments like agriculture and mining. In 2018, the trend will lead to autonomous technology in more unpredictable environments, like controlled roadways. However, it’s unexpected that this specific technology be ready before 2022.

Virtual and Digitally Enhanced Reality

Virtual reality and digitally enhanced reality is currently in a developing stage. As we know from the plethora of novelty virtual reality applications that were released this year, the interest is high. In 2018, the focus will shift from novelty to practical business applications in order to drive employee productivity and enhance training processes. A digitally enhanced reality uses a smartphone or tablet display to change  how people view and interact with their world. This type of technology exists on a spectrum, but includes a head-mounted display as well as smartphones and tablets to provide the interface between the digital world and the real world.

Digital Twins

The concept of “digital twins,” or detailed computer models of real-life objects or systems, is huge in manufacturing and will continue to expand in 2018. Organizations have already begun to use digital twins in a simple way, but twins will become more complex, improving their accuracy and their ability to extrapolate and visualize the correct data in order to respond to business objectives, respective to each organization.

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