5 Network Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

If you’re not an IT expert, there could be some opportunities to optimize the efficiency and safety of your home network.

Your home network is probably one of the unsung heroes in your daily life. As it allows you to work, entertain, and stay connected, it’s become a feature in your home that you’ve grown used to having. As technology continues to advance every day, it’s important that home network owners stay up to date to keep their network safe and functioning properly. If you’re not an IT expert, there could be some opportunities to optimize the efficiency and safety of your home network. Here are five mistakes that you may be making.

  1. Ignoring Updates

Quite often, when many people set up their home wireless networks, they see it as a one-time process. However, firmware updates still need to be done manually. That means downloading new updates that will ultimately enhance the efficiency of your system. Ignoring those updates is a mistake because old settings can cause your network to run slower and some functions may not work at all.

  1. Router Placement

You may be stalling the performance of your network if you placed your router in a closed-off section of your home. The basement, a corner, or inside cabinets are all locations that inhibit the range of your signal. The best place for your router is a room or other location roughly in the center of your home.

  1. Wrong Ports

This mistake is a simple fix but it’s fundamental to the proper function of your network. Make sure that your ethernet cord is plugged into the correct port. This is an easy mistake to make, especially for non-IT proficient customers. Your ethernet cord goes into the WAN/Internet port.

  1. Network Needs

A major mistake you possibly made was at the onset of setting up your home network. It’s possible that you underestimated your network needs and your current set up is not equipped to handle the number of devices that you use or the size of your home.

  1. Not Customizing Security

Keeping all your router settings in the default mode leaves your network vulnerable to hacking. Create custom, secure, and complicated Wi-Fi passwords and change the SSID name.

Working Nets Can Help You Enhance Your Network Security

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