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Everything You Need To Know About HDMI Cables

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HDMI cables are some of the most commonly purchased and used cables in the technology and IT industry.

HDMI cables are some of the most commonly purchased and used cables in the technology and IT industry, but what are they? Chances are, there are at least 3 or 4 of them in your home right now. Today we’re tackling HDMI cables 101 and showing you why HDMI cables are such a fantastic choice.

What Does HDMI Cable Mean?

HDMI stands for High Definition Media Interface and can be used to denote just about anything that can transmit HD audio or visual signals. HDMI is so popular because it is the highest standard for transmitting those high-definition signals in a single cable. HDMI cables can transmit a flawless, uncompressed digital signal with clear images and multi-channel audio without any additional calibration or adjustment. Even better, a single HDMI cable can output both audio and visual signals, so you don’t need cords cluttering up your office or home entertainment center.

What Are HDMI Inputs and Outputs?

HDMI inputs and outputs are identical, and they are often found on the back or side of an electronic. The output brings audio and video into an HDMI-compatible display. The inputs are often found on televisions or projectors, and they take the signal coming from the audio and visual source and play and display it.

Are There Different Types of HDMI Cables?

In 2002, HDMI 1.0 was the very first HDMI cable released to the consumer and tech markets. HDMI has evolved many times since then to meet the growing graphic and audio needs of today’s society. In 2017, HDMI 2.1 was introduced. This new cable is expected to be released sometime this year and support the higher-definition 8K and Dynamic HDR resolutions.

How Much Do HDMI Cables Cost?

HDMI cables can be purchased at very affordable prices thanks to their popularity. Ensure that you know exactly what type of HDMI cable you need and research common price points online. Keep in mind that many different companies produce HDMI cables of varying quality, but many times an off-brand or lower-market cable will perform just as well as more expensive HDMI cables.

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