An Explanation of the Internet of Things

How smart is your technology? What does it all mean?

We have all heard of the terms smart car, smart phone, smart home, and number of other related “smart” appliances and objects. If you are wondering what these things are exactly and what makes them so “smart,” the IT experts at Working Nets can help. If you are lost in a sea of smart appliances or confused by all of the innovations related to the Internet of Things, read on to solve the mystery and learn what they mean for your life.

The Internet of Things: Explained

What Internet of Things means, is that a vast number of inanimate objects and appliances are being designed and produced with built in wireless connectivity so that they can be monitored, used, and linked over the internet through mobile apps. The types of objects being incorporated into the Internet of Things spans a wide variety of objects. Everything from watches and accessories to coffee makers and cars are starting to be made “smart.”

How Does Internet of Things Technology Work?

At the heart of IoT tech is the underlying technology. This is various wireless radios which enable smart appliances and objects to connect to the internet and each other. This may seem esoteric and high tech, but many things which have become common already use this technology. If you have ever used Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology, you are already familiar with it to an extent. On top of this technology, there is then the objects themselves. There may even be a central hub which allows devices to connect to each other. The last thing factored into the equation are cloud services, which allow data to be collected and analyzed so people can interact with these devices via apps.

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