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Foundations for Small Business Networking

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Looking to build a network for a small business? It can seem complicated, but don’t fret. Just know that before you begin setting anything up, you must first know the foundation you need for professional business networking. Keep reading for a few tips about developing a network for your small business.

All networks must have a system of switches and routers. What are those? Switches are what connect each device to one another. For example, your computer, printer, and server are all connected to the same network, and the switch is what enables each device to communicate with one another. A router is similar to a switch, but on a much larger scale. Routers connect the networks that these computers, printers and servers work on. It also connects your devices to the Internet, allowing each device to use the same Internet connection. The router can also protect from security threats and choose the route in which the information travels. These two devices are the most important part of your network foundation.

When creating a foundation, you’ll want to start small so that your network can grow over time. It is also important to invest in switches and routers that are simple to install and manage. However, you’ll want to make sure that you install business-grade switches and routers. These devices will be able to keep up with heavy traffic and business growth, while small-scale, home devices cannot.

Setting up your own network is hard. Let the experts do it for you! At Working Nets, we want to help your business succeed with a reliable network system. If you still have questions about routers and switches or setting up networking for your small business, give us a call at (443) 992-7394. We’d be happy to assist you with your professional business networking needs.

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