Data Breaches: What Causes Them and How Can I Stay Protected?

With all of the vital, private information stored in your network, protecting yourself from data breaches is one of the most important aspects of your business. But in order to prevent data breaches, you first need to learn what exactly causes them. They are blamed on a number of different things: are they a system malfunction, or are they human error? Read on to find out Working Nets’ take on data breaches and what you can do to shield yourself from them.

 Do Employees Contribute to Data Breaches?

According to the 2011 Cost of Data Breach Study, 39 percent of organizations could cite negligence on the part of employees as the cause of their data breaches. If an employee of your company is either unaware of how to prevent data breaches or they go about instigating a data breach themselves, much of your valuable information could be put into jeopardy. One of the reasons that employee data breaches have become more and more prevalent is due to the changing nature of technology. Cloud computing networks and mobile devices mean that employees can now gain access to company information away from the safely monitored in-office network.

Another leading cause of data breaches is the more familiar method of a hacking attack. By targeting your network, hackers can infiltrate your data system and steal important information, including credit card information, personal identification numbers, and email passwords. The breakdown of which industries experience what type of data breach falls into clear categories: non-financial businesses (i.e. healthcare groups) experience higher levels of employee data breaches, while financial institutions more often experience outside hacking attacks.

So how can you work to protect your network from a severe data breach? IT experts from Working Nets can create a data protection solution customized for the exact nature of your network. Being prepared for an impending breach is the best line of defense, and a well-maintained network will also avoid many of the other problems that could disrupt the functionality of your business on a day-to-day basis.

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