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Surprising Benefits of IT Managed Services

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Running a business is a full time job. In today’s hectic, fast-paced business world, nothing can sink the ship faster than having to split your attention. So why should you or your staff also be working as the IT crew? Every minute someone spends fixing a technical problem is a minute they’re not utilizing the skills you pay them for. It’s a minute wasted. Working Nets is here to show you how you can get that productivity back, and more by utilizing IT managed services.

Greater Efficiency

The most obvious benefit of managed services is the increased efficiency it offers businesses. While many companies try to skate by without any IT support, troubleshooting problems as they arise, this method causes delays, costs time, and wastes resources. Managed services will allow you to have a leg up on future problems. Problems will be logged and addressed with seconds of occurring, and can be resolved quickly by trained, IT professionals. Managed services can even prevent problems before they occur, further reducing any system down-time and severely mitigating risk.

Faster, Responsive Patching

If your staff is preoccupied fighting disasters on a case-by-case basis, managing software and firmware updates tends to stop. This leaves your business vulnerable to security threats, data corrupting bugs, and plain old system failure, resulting in hours and hours of downtime. Managed services will keep all of your systems up-to-date, ensuring their operating at maximum capacity for you.

Capacity Planning

Managed services can provide stunning benefits you might not even have thought possible. Since managed services will constantly monitor your office’s network, it will automatically store and sort information related to that network’s performance and workload. This information allows you to make informed purchasing decisions, identifying IT bottlenecks and spending money wisely.

Interested in Securing Great Managed Services?

At WorkingNets, we provide managed services to hundreds of small businesses around the country. We employ only experienced tech professionals with insight into the latest emerging business technologies and risks, to ensure your IT is always working for you, never against. To talk to someone about managed services for your small business, give us a call at (443) 992-7394. We’d be happy to assist you with your professional business networking needs.

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