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Tips and Tricks for Using Your Mac Computer

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Are you using your Apple to its fullest? Take a look at our tips and tricks!

Taking a step back from the ongoing debate about what computer is better—Mac or PC—let’s focus on your Mac computer. Your Mac computer can do a lot more than you think, and to use it to its full potential take a few minutes to learn more with these computer tips.

1. Easy (and included) photo editing. As long as you’re not looking to do any professional photo editing, Preview, an included photo application on all Mac computers may do the trick for basic photo editing. Things like crop, resizing, and simple tweaking are all easy on Preview, which a lot of users may not realize. If you only need to do basic editing, there’s no need to spend a lot of money on Photoshop. Preview is often overlooked for photo editing in Mac computer, so take advantage of what you paid for and utilize the many included applications on Mac computers.

2. Keyboard shortcuts. For those in a rush, shortcuts are great for getting what you need, when you need it. But with Mac computers, you’re not limited to the shortcuts that developers chose—you can make them your own. Simply go to System Preferences, then Keyboard, and then Application Shortcuts to add an infinite number of shortcuts.

3. Copy and paste how you want to. Sometimes when you’re copying text from the web the formatting will mess up all the font and color choices you’ve already made, taking up valuable time you simply don’t have. To avoid this, in Microsoft Word, head to Edit and choose Paste Special, then choose Unformatted Text.

4. Backup often. With Mac computers, it is easier than ever to back up your computer using Time Machine so do it!

5. Run Windows. So obviously you went with a Mac for a reason, but there are still times when Windows is the best. Whether that’s for gaming or running some types of software, sometimes Windows is just essential. Fortunately for Mac computers, they can run both—that’s more than Windows can say.

6. Open multiple desktops. Multitasking is made easy with just the swipe of three fingers. Swipe up on your Mac computer to see all your applications. Then in the top right corner you can add a new desktop to keep all of your work organized.

7. And so much more…

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