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Small Business Network Design Tips

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When planning for your small business network design and configuration, it’s important you have a clear grasp on who you want to connect with.

When it comes to network design and configuration for a small business, it all can seem overwhelming. However, if you keep these small business network design tips from Working Nets in mind, your small business network will be off the ground in no time!

Plan Carefully For The Software Your Small Business Will Need

The most important consideration for designing a small business network is the software the business will use. The systems must support any software you wish to use, many industries use specific software to meet specific needs and standards, and this means that network design and configuration must be chosen with the software needs of your small business.

Plan For People Using Your Software

Whether it is customers or employees, know who and how many people will need access to your software, website, and wireless network. Plan for user licenses, storage requirements, network cabling and the devices each employee will need to use effectively to keep your small business afloat.

Incorporate Devices Into Your Planning

Be able to answer questions about what devices and technology your small business will require. How many desktop computers will your network need to support at present and as your business grows? Will your network design choices need to support smart phones,handheld devices, and laptops? Will you require network printers, wireless printers, scanners, or a fax machine? Will Mac or PC suit your needs better?  Know the answer to these questions and plan accordingly.

Decide Whether You Want Remote Access Or Telecommuting

If you plan on hosting your website in your network or your small business includes having employees securely access sensitive resources remotely, factor this into your network design and configuration. You will want to use a VPN access device or business class firewall. Invest in virus and spyware protection.

Allow Working Nets To Be Of Cyber Service To You

At Working Nets, we know that handling the cybersecurity for a business while actually keeping that business running can seem impossible, especially in the daunting face of cyber-attacks against much larger businesses. Outsourcing your IT can give you peace of mind and allow you to take care of the things that are important for your company. Working Nets is a Maryland based IT Service and Security company that services small businesses nationwide. We’re always on top of emerging cyber security trends and threats so you don’t have to be.

To talk to someone about managed IT for your business, give us a call at (443) 992-7394. We’d be happy to assist you with your professional business networking needs.

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