How to Prevent Your Computer From Overheating

Avoid the headaches that come with an overheated computer.

Every computer requires cooling as a critical part of its functional processes. If they cannot effectively remove the heat that their components can generate during use, there can be significant consequences in regards to the longevity of your PC. Heat build up can actually cause severe damage to your computer over time, causing hardware problems and instability. Current PC models may even shut down entirely and refuse to continue to operate until they have cooled once they reach a potentially damaging level of heat. Use these cooling solutions to make sure your PC can stay cool under pressure.

The Heat Sink

A heat sink is a passive cooling system that lowers the temperature of a computer component by dissipating heat.  Heat sinks are found on CPUs, GPUs, and a number of other components on the motherboard.

The Thermal Compound

CPUs and GPUS commonly have a thermal compound placed between them and their heat sinks. You may hear this compound referred to as thermal gel, thermal grease, thermal paste, heat sink paste, or a number of other terms. This compound fills any air gaps between the component which produces heat and the heat sink. This creates a more efficient transfer of heat. It is important to use enough to fill the gap, but not so much that it oozes or causes a mess.


Fans move hot air, blowing it away from heat generating components so it cannot cause damage. They expel heat from computer desktops and laptop PC cases. In general, a typical PC desktop computer has a number of fans. On lap top computers, the fans are placed to blow air out of strategic air vents.

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