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Microsoft Introduces New Surface Studio

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Are you a budding artist? The new Surface Studio may be the right machine for you. Microsoft has announced their new version of the Surface, which is moving computer technology into the future.

Are you a budding artist?  The new Surface Studio may be the right machine for you.  Microsoft has announced their new version of the Surface, which has been referred to as moving computer technology into the future.  The Studio seems to be aimed at those who draw and design, and has many draws for the conventional customer, as well.  The original Microsoft Surface has been incredibly successful and raved as extremely functional; so, it stands to reason that the Studio should follow.  Read on to learn more about the Surface Studio.


What Does it Look Like?

The Studio has a very flat screen, with a hinge that allows it to be tilted into a tablet.  Its screen is 28 inches, so it’s larger than a conventional tablet, and allows for it to ask as a desktop.  It possesses 13.5 million pixels just for artists to use all that screen space to their advantage.  Within seconds, the Studio can be adjusted from a desktop monitor to a studio tablet, allowing for artists to seamlessly go from desktop mode to inspiration mode.  Despite its thin appearance, the Studio can run just about every program that is considered to be high-functioning, such as Adobe Premier Pro.  The Studio also comes with a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, as well as a Surface Pen, for your convenience.

What are its Features?

Windows will no longer use a password to log you into your Microsoft account.  Instead, it will use impressive facial recognition technology that can log you in almost instantly.  This is just one of the brand new features that is sure to impress the Microsoft audience.  As with its last model, this Surface has the Surface Pen magnetically attached to the side of the screen, so it’s always available.  The provided keyboard and mouse are made of metal, and designed for a quiet experience.  And, the new Surface Dial allows for a brand new way to interact with digital media.  Change colors, cycle through brush sizes and more by using this device.

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