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How to Conserve Your Laptop Battery

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Conserving your laptop battery can be a bit of an art. Here’s everything you need to know about how to improve your laptop battery life.

We’ve all been there: trying to finish an assignment for school or work, praying to the heavens that our laptop battery will last long enough to hit send, and being dealt a crushing blow when our battery dies. Conserving your laptop battery can be a bit of an art. Here’s everything you need to know about how to improve your laptop battery life.

Reduce the Brightness of Your Screen

Whether or not you realize it, the single biggest drain on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet is the display. By reducing the screen brightness on your laptop, you can often add a surprising amount of time to the battery life. As a rule of thumb, the lower that the brightness level is, the longer that you’ll be able to use your laptop.

Auto-Off Your Display

Another creative way to save battery life is by setting your display to automatically turn off after a few seconds or minutes. Every time you walk away with the display on, you’re wasting valuable power and not even using your laptop. Work with the settings to figure out which is best for the type of task you’re doing and enjoy a much longer battery life.

Turn Off Bluetooth and Add-Ons

Most laptops come with Bluetooth radio and various add-ons. If they are enabled, they are using power and draining your laptop. Disable all add-ons when you aren’t using them to give your battery a break.

Make Your Laptop Do Less

If there are any small ways that you can reduce your laptop’s workload, it will dramatically improve the battery life. Turn off screensavers (since they don’t really do anything) and don’t run background programs when your laptop is unplugged. Try to reduce your CPU usage and definitely avoid using all of your RAM.   

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