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How to Protect Your Technology from Warm Weather

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Overheating is a huge problem for consumers that own cell phones, tablets, laptops, and just about any other piece of technology.

Now that the chill of winter has faded and freezing isn’t a concern (well, the freezing that comes from cold, not from too many apps running at once), it’s time to protect your technology from the warm weather. Overheating is a huge problem for consumers that own cell phones, tablets, laptops, and just about any other piece of technology. Here are some of our top tips for protecting your technology from warm weather.

Know the Right Temperature

Many people don’t realize that technology devices have ideal temperatures. An iPhone, for example, functions the best at temperatures between 32 and 95 degrees fahrenheit. Room temperature is the best temperature to keep your phone working well and the battery safe. Laptops should run below 122 degrees fahrenheit to ensure that it has good longevity. Depending on the age of your smartphone or laptop, it may have a feature installed to alert you when the battery is too hot.  

Stay Away from Direct Sunlight

Avoid leaving your technology devices in your car, as the intense warm weather can totally ruin the sensitive insides. If you have to leave your devices in the car during periods of warm weather, make sure that you turn them off completely. Hide them in the trunk or in the coolest area of your car so that they don’t overheat.  

Close the Apps

Many technology users love battery-draining apps and some of the most-downloaded applications are the biggest offenders. In periods of warm weather when you are outside or in warmer areas, keep battery-draining apps closed to prevent your battery from running even hotter.

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